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Backup Creator Review

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Backup Creator gives you the ability to backup, clone and protect your WordPress websites. It is simple to use, safe and gives you peace of mind when you know your websites are secure. You just point and click to have instant backup, to restore, copy, upload and transfer your site. Server-to-Server technology guarantees that you will experience seamless cloning of unlimited number of client sites that are pre-configured in just seconds without the need for complicated FTP. The product has two purchase options: Backup Creator Express which entitles you to use the plugin on 5 personal sites or Ultimate which gives you the ability to use it on unlimited number of personal sites.


Backup Creator Features


  • Instant Backup with just the click of one button then download to your hard drive, email it to your inbox or FTP it if you wish


  • Restore anywhere


  • Proprietary Server-to-Server technology to deploy a pre-configured site to unlimited number of client sites without the use of FTP


  • Single-click protection of valuable site content


  • Schedule backups automatically


  • Store all backups on Amazon S3



Theme upgrades can result in the loss formatting that can mess up graphics or column settings, which can cause your site to lose all the hard work you put into it prior to the upgrade. If you had backed up your site prior to the upgrade it would take just a matter of minutes to restore your site. This plugin is a true time saver because in just minutes you can clone a site instead of manually configuring everything. Regardless of site size or complexity this WordPress plugin works effortlessly and quickly. The manual that comes with the plugin is complete and easy to follow making it easy to understand how to use the plugin. The step-by-step video makes cloning sites easy. The level of support is very good if problems are encountered while using the plugin.


Backup Creator WordPress Plugin is very inexpensive, easy to use and gives you the ability to backup your site with just the click of a button. You can restore anywhere and the Server-to-Server technology is a real time saver. The single-click protection of any WordPress site is a very valuable WordPress plugin benefit. This product really does save website owners time and money. No matter what your goal is if it is to backup, restore or clone your site this plugin gets the job done, has very good customer support and is less expensive than most other similar plugins.

Go here to backup wordpress blogs

BlogVault Review

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BlogVault is an automatic backup and restore service that customer turn to when they need to backup their WordPress blog on a daily basis. This product is useful because it has the ability to backup everything including plugins, themes, comments, posts, files, images and the database. One unique feature is that it can restore any version of the WordPress site in the last 30 days. No need to manually restore your site when this product does it easily. Anyone not sure about the service can try it free for 7 days. They have a friendly support staff to answer questions and help you through the process of installing and using BlogVault. Inactiv Media Solutions created the product to be an inexpensive and hassle-free way to back up blogs.


BlogVault Features


  • Does NOT backup your files instantly but it does conduct hourly backups, daily backups, and weekly backups


  • You can select to protect only certain areas of your blog


  • Automatic restore feature that helps you to test the validity of your backups


  • Secure Amazon S3 servers guaranteeing highest level of safety for all areas of your blog


  • Ability to backup multiple WordPress sites


  • Change your hosting provider and domain/URL with automatic restore tool


  • Avoids old files cluttering up your disk space because there is NO local storage


  • Capability to backup large blogs without using excessive bandwidth that slows your site down


  • Choice of plans: Basic, Plus, Pro and VIP all with monthly fees and 7 day free trial and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time


  • No Setup fee


  • If your server crashes you can backup to a new server easily


  • Support by personalized emails


  • No FTP necessary


Users of BlogVault think the customer service is outstanding and that having a product like this is just good common sense especially if your blog is income or part of your business. Using the features can save you time and money and helps to alleviate some of the stress of owning and operating a blog. Incremental backups will backsup only the changes, which minimizes the load on your blog. BlogVault is the best option for personal blogs or when it is not necessary to update your site that much. BlogVault is the perfect solution for anyone in need of backups without the desire to pay for expensive WordPress backup and restore systems, programs or plugins do the same thing or more but for more money. See how to clone a wordpress blog before migrating to a new server