Backup WordPress Site – What do you need to Backup?

By March 16, 2015Tips
Backup WordPress site
Backup WordPress site

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You are the owner of a WordPress website and is constantly worried that your site might face issues like server crashes or might be invaded by hackers? Backup WordPress site for your safety!

Are you one of those few site owners who take great care to avoid such a situation and have all the security and backup plugins in place to protect your website? Kudos to you!

But with loads of all-too-precious plugins and content on your site , you are confused about what bits you need to backup.

The simple solution in such a situation is backup your WordPress website in its entirety.

To make things simpler, let us segment the website into three parts and discuss the importance of each of them and why they all need backup.
The textual content
is considered the most important part of your website. It contains all the textual contents of the pages, posts as also the comments and is stored in the database.The texts are the core of a website – in its absence there is hardly left in the site. When you backup a WordPress site, the first and foremost thing to do is to backup the texts.A major part of your work is done once you have a backup of the textual content and you will not be devastated in case of any untoward incidences.
The media content

It is another important segment which comprises of the images, videos, plugins and themes which you have used in your site.Though images and videos can again be incorporated in your website, it entails to a lot of hard work. If you have a big site, the problem increases manifold. So, when you backup your WordPress site, do not ever forget to backup the images and videos.You might feel backup of plugins and themes is not that important. Now consider yourself in a situation wherein all your customized themes and plugins, which you purchased at quite an expensive tag, have gone kaput. Don’t want to even imagine such a scenario? No need to if you have already backed them up.
The WordPress system files

You might choose to ignore them while doing a backup of your WordPress site. Yes, you can download them again if they are lost – but why take the pain and waste your precious time when you simply have their backup? They don’t even take up a lot of space.

Now it is evident that is it always a better proposition to backup a WordPress site fully. With superb backup plugins like BackUpBreeze at your service, it only makes sense to use it to your full advantage.