Basic Tips for Website Security

By April 3, 2015Tips

The life of a website owner is more often that not plagued by the fear of his/ her website getting hacked. Are you one such owner who remains constantly afraid that your site might be compromised? Aren't you worried about your website security?

No one can blame you for being so skeptical as time and again we hear of popular websites being hacked by people to give shape to their dubious ideas. Don’t we all believe that the security of a website is one of the most important factors on which the success of a website depends on?

There are a number of basic steps, which if followed from the inception of a website, can help the owner inch closer to secure the website. Each step when followed religiously can protect a website and allow the owner to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Change the Admin Username – The default Admin username is most susceptible of being compromised by hackers. Change your Admin user immediately after your account has been created and login with the new name.
Update Everything on a Regular Basis – Do not forget to update your site with the latest templates, plugins and version of WordPress on a regular basis. Obsolete plugins and software also make your website more vulnerable to attacks.
Choose a Hard Password- There are a very few things in our life which should be complex and one such thing is the password of our website. The security of a website depends a lot on the complexity of your password.You have never been good with numbers and their permutations and combinations? Alas, while choosing your password these are the aspects which will matter in the long run. One of the rules of thumb to protect a website from hackers is to ensure you have a password which will be as hard as a stone to crack, even for the wickedest brains.
Implement Login Lockdown – Another measure which you can opt for the security of a website is to make Login Lockdown functional. If you are not sure on how to implement it, you can simply install a plugin which will lock anyone who tries to log in to your account with incorrect passwords for more than three times.
Install Security Plugins– Research about the different security plugins available, understand their features and functionalities and then install the one which suits your requirements.In order to protect a website from invasion, a security plugin offers a lot of useful features. They keep a log of all the activities on your WordPress site and monitor all live traffic and intimate you when someone tries to barge in into your account.
Install WordPress backup plugin– Things start looking better once you install a good WordPress backup plugin. With such a plugin, you can backup, copy and restore everything from your site which you deem important.Even if your site is compromised, you can fix it quickly if you already have a current backup ready.

BackUpBreeze is an automatic WordPress backup plugin which helps in website security, at the click of a button. The security of a website becomes pretty simple and easy with a powerful plugin like BackUpBreeze and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.