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Why You Should Backup Your Website

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Having a website calls for numerous responsibilities, including the need to keep it protected from online threats and hackers. In such a scenario, the concept of backing up the site comes to the rescue. Being in the business, you might be familiar with the importance of backing up the site, whether with a website backup plugin or manually.

However, unfortunately, not several of the rookies take it as seriously as they should. This is to do with the perception that reassures them that everything is going to be fine. But, what if it doesn’t go the way you’d have imagined?

There are innumerable people who consider the idea of backing up either costly or time-consuming. In reality, it’s none of them. One thing that you must remember is if something happens to your site, you can lose everything overnight if your site isn’t backed up properly.

So, here are a few reasons that should be persuasive enough to let you understand why you should backup your website without any more delay.

Server May Outage:

Undeniably, there isn’t any hosting company across the world that can assure you 100% uptime and more than perfect reliability. Even the best of their kind can face serious problems with their datacenters. And, if that happens, you may have to come across several hassles, including irregular downtime.

In the past, outages have been caused because of numerous reasons. It can be a software failure, change in the structure of the server, or even a hard drive failure. Whenever a server goes down, your company might retrieve your data successfully.

However, if you or your hosting company wasn’t backing up your site, you may have to do with the old version of your website. It can be as old as when it was newly developed. In such a situation, you’d have to work from scratch, which can be frustrating, right?

Original Version Might Become Obsolete:

Most of the times, people build their website on their computers and assume that it’s protected just because they’ve backed up the hard drive. If you also belong to the same category, you should know that your point of view is completely wrong.

With each passing week and month, your version becomes outdated. On top of that, if you’re executing search engine optimization on the site, you’ll be making a lot of changes and tweaks to the language, content, and more.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t updating the version that’s on your computer, the initial version will be removed eventually from the website. And, you’ll be left with nothing but a mere piece of fragments as to what edits you made to your site.

Mistakes can Happen Any day:

Humans and mistakes have a very close relation. You might be committing grave mistakes all your life. Don’t worry; everyone is sailing in the same boat. Sometimes, mistakes become unavoidable. What if you clicked a wrong button or deleting an important folder by accident?

The next thing that you might experience is that your entire website has crashed down, just because of that one mistake. You cannot just assume that your hosting provider might have your latest backup and you can access it seamlessly.

Most of the hosting providers offer backup as an add-on service. And, if you haven’t bought that, know that your sleepless nights and endless amount of money invested on the website can vanish just within a minute. Hence, it’s important to be on the safe side. Having a WordPress platform, you can discover various premium WordPress plugins to help you out with this problem.

Updating the Site can be a Mistake:

Sure, updating systems, websites, programs and an abundance of other features is quite important. Whether it’s related to software or hardware, updating every system is vital. And, undoubtedly, it should be done periodically.

Updating to the latest version may include enhanced features of security, safety, and more. However, whenever you update your website, you shouldn’t forget the potential risk that your site comes under. Therefore, taking a backup becomes unavoidable to prevent damage.

While you might be thinking that you’re doing good to your site by updating it to the latest version, however, the possibility is that you might not have paid enough attention towards the negative aspect. Once you’ve taken the backup, you wouldn’t have to be worried about anything.

Your Website Can Get Hacked:

Currently, WordPress has bagged the position of the most commonly used content management system. It can be proved from the fact that today, almost 27% of the websites have been developed on this platform. Also, since it’s an open-source platform, everyone can have access to the core coding.

Whenever WordPress updates its core files, available vulnerabilities become prevalent in the hackers’ community. And then, hackers inject their malware bots in such website that were not updated frequently.

If you’re using WordPress, this can become a grave issue for you.  Being a business owner, you might have a hectic schedule, it’s obvious. So, even if you don’t have enough time in your hand, you can use a website backup plugin to keep the site protected from unwanted intruders.

Computers Can Crash:

A majority of users think smart and keep local website backups on their computer hard drive. Is it really a smart move or they only think that they though smart? Let’s make it clear, by doing so, you’re calling for danger on your own.

While it is surely a good practice to keep the backup stored in your computer, however, if you’re solely relying upon it, that’s where things go awry. Even computers can crash anytime, and you can wash your hands off of your data.

Instead of just backing up your website online or keeping the backup stored in your computer, use multiple sources or platforms. You can keep the backup folder in your Google drive, in your email, or can also store it in an independent hard disk.

Malware & Viruses Can Attack:

Malware and viruses work a bit different in comparison with a website getting completely hacked. These Trojan horses, viruses, and other kinds of malware files are similar to small bugs that can infiltrate your entire system, unknowingly, to bash your website left, right and center.

Each day, more than a million pieces of malware are being created. Shocking, isn’t it? Even if nobody is putting them in your site, it’s possible that you might end up downloading on your own, without paying much attention over it.

The download can happen through any third-party application, plugin, theme, etc. Or, these viruses may even slip inside your website through a loophole. Having a backup will make sure that restoration happens as soon as something goes wrong.

Maintain Client Relationship:

Not just for your company as a whole, but backups are even important for your clients and customers. By taking up preventive measures, the chances of your website getting hacked significantly decrease. This can provide reassurance to your visitors as far as their data is concerned.

If you deal in online transactions or your target users are sharing their sensitive information with you, it becomes your responsibility to let them know about the security measures that you’re taking with your website.

It will not just keep them away from stress but will also establish your brand’s credibility across the market. Your users will be able to trust you better.

Be Smart & Backup:

Now that you know all the risks that can incur over your site without a backup, it’s time to take action. There is a variety of premium WordPress plugins that can be used to ensure utmost safety and security.

Regardless of what you think or do, the only aspect worth remembering is that a backup can open doors to several possibilities. It can make your customers trust you and can also give you the peace of mind that everything is under control.

So, instead of just lingering around and taking things for granted, start backing up your site right away.

Backup Creator Review

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Backup Creator gives you the ability to backup, clone and protect your WordPress websites. It is simple to use, safe and gives you peace of mind when you know your websites are secure. You just point and click to have instant backup, to restore, copy, upload and transfer your site. Server-to-Server technology guarantees that you will experience seamless cloning of unlimited number of client sites that are pre-configured in just seconds without the need for complicated FTP. The product has two purchase options: Backup Creator Express which entitles you to use the plugin on 5 personal sites or Ultimate which gives you the ability to use it on unlimited number of personal sites.


Backup Creator Features


  • Instant Backup with just the click of one button then download to your hard drive, email it to your inbox or FTP it if you wish


  • Restore anywhere


  • Proprietary Server-to-Server technology to deploy a pre-configured site to unlimited number of client sites without the use of FTP


  • Single-click protection of valuable site content


  • Schedule backups automatically


  • Store all backups on Amazon S3



Theme upgrades can result in the loss formatting that can mess up graphics or column settings, which can cause your site to lose all the hard work you put into it prior to the upgrade. If you had backed up your site prior to the upgrade it would take just a matter of minutes to restore your site. This plugin is a true time saver because in just minutes you can clone a site instead of manually configuring everything. Regardless of site size or complexity this WordPress plugin works effortlessly and quickly. The manual that comes with the plugin is complete and easy to follow making it easy to understand how to use the plugin. The step-by-step video makes cloning sites easy. The level of support is very good if problems are encountered while using the plugin.


Backup Creator WordPress Plugin is very inexpensive, easy to use and gives you the ability to backup your site with just the click of a button. You can restore anywhere and the Server-to-Server technology is a real time saver. The single-click protection of any WordPress site is a very valuable WordPress plugin benefit. This product really does save website owners time and money. No matter what your goal is if it is to backup, restore or clone your site this plugin gets the job done, has very good customer support and is less expensive than most other similar plugins.

Go here to backup wordpress blogs

BlogVault Review

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BlogVault is an automatic backup and restore service that customer turn to when they need to backup their WordPress blog on a daily basis. This product is useful because it has the ability to backup everything including plugins, themes, comments, posts, files, images and the database. One unique feature is that it can restore any version of the WordPress site in the last 30 days. No need to manually restore your site when this product does it easily. Anyone not sure about the service can try it free for 7 days. They have a friendly support staff to answer questions and help you through the process of installing and using BlogVault. Inactiv Media Solutions created the product to be an inexpensive and hassle-free way to back up blogs.


BlogVault Features


  • Does NOT backup your files instantly but it does conduct hourly backups, daily backups, and weekly backups


  • You can select to protect only certain areas of your blog


  • Automatic restore feature that helps you to test the validity of your backups


  • Secure Amazon S3 servers guaranteeing highest level of safety for all areas of your blog


  • Ability to backup multiple WordPress sites


  • Change your hosting provider and domain/URL with automatic restore tool


  • Avoids old files cluttering up your disk space because there is NO local storage


  • Capability to backup large blogs without using excessive bandwidth that slows your site down


  • Choice of plans: Basic, Plus, Pro and VIP all with monthly fees and 7 day free trial and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time


  • No Setup fee


  • If your server crashes you can backup to a new server easily


  • Support by personalized emails


  • No FTP necessary


Users of BlogVault think the customer service is outstanding and that having a product like this is just good common sense especially if your blog is income or part of your business. Using the features can save you time and money and helps to alleviate some of the stress of owning and operating a blog. Incremental backups will backsup only the changes, which minimizes the load on your blog. BlogVault is the best option for personal blogs or when it is not necessary to update your site that much. BlogVault is the perfect solution for anyone in need of backups without the desire to pay for expensive WordPress backup and restore systems, programs or plugins do the same thing or more but for more money. See how to clone a wordpress blog before migrating to a new server

Pluginbuddy (Backupbuddy) Review

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Backup Buddy allows WordPress website owners to protect content by being able to backup, restore or move the WordPress site as needed. As an automated WordPress plugin it has the ability to manage your entire site’s need for backups on a scheduled basis or on-demand. Backup Buddy is a division of iThemes Media LLC, a well-respected leader in WordPress themes, plugins and web design training.


Pluginbuddy (BackupBuddy) Features:


  • Backup – the entire WordPress installation including other plugins, themes, Widgets, SQL database … everything


  • Schedule backups and send them off-site to Amazon S3, Dropbox or Rackspace Cloud, to your FTP server or even direct to your email inbox or desktop


  • Restore – Backup Buddy has a restore function that is simple to use and gives you the ability to quickly restore your broken or hacked WordPress site including your plugins, Widgets, themes and everything else on your site


  • New to the 3.0 version of PluginBuddy is the ability to move your backed up site, which is especially useful if you build custom WordPress sites for clients


  • Personal, Business and Developer licenses or the developer suite that gives unlimited developer licenses, upgrades and support for all iTheme plugins for one year


The backup features allow users to backup non-WordPress tables stored in the database that were not created or stored by WordPress. These tables can also be restored and moved too. You can also choose which directories you want to include or exclude from the backup. The ability to send your backup off-site, to your FTP server or to your email or desktop gives you added protection. Avoid the problem of using too much storage space by managing how many backups are kept in each storage location.


The restore features eases the stress that can occur when the need to restore your site presents itself. Backupbuddy can handle reinstalling WordPress and all you have to do is enter your new database credentials and your site is restored in minutes. It takes just two files to restore (import script and your backup zip file. You can also choose to restore just your database should this become necessary if a WordPress configuration change makes your site unstable.


There are tons of moving features that save you time and effort. You can move your backed up site to another server from the convenient location of your WordPress dashboard or to another installation directory or URL on the same server you can also use Magic Migration to create a site if you wish to test a new plugin or theme. You can also manually move your site. No worries about URL or path changes because BackupBuddy handles all of this for you as well as handling migrating serialized (encoded) data.


Pluginbuddy (BackupBuddy) solves backup, restore and moving needs with ease. Three different types of licenses are nice options to have because every business has different requirements. This plugin just might be a good option for you especially if you have not taken the need to backup your website seriously in the past. See how to restore wordpress database





VaultPress Review

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VaultPress helps WordPress website owners keep their sites safe by providing real-time, continuous backup and by immediately receiving alerts to changes to your site so that these changes can be processed to your servers keeping your data up-to-date and safe on your servers. This is a simple, easy way to backup your WordPress blog automatically. This service is provided to self-hosted WordPress blogs and websites. This type of service is necessary when disasters strike your site such as when your files are erased or the site is hacked. The product is easy to install in just a few clicks of your mouse. Once installed you will have the ability to access information from your VaultPress dashboard, which is accessible from your WordPress dashboard. Backups are completed every hour and you can see lists of these backups in the dashboard as well as other stats about your blog or website including:


  • Daily number of blog comments


  • Uploads to your site


  • Posts made


  • Page counts


VaultPress Features


  • One-Click Database Restore


  • Daily evening scans to pickup site changes


  • Premium subscribers receive scans that detect potential threats or exploits and the results of these scans appear on the “Security Page”


  • Restore all WordPress files and retrieve files right from the dashboard including archived versions of plugins


  • Contextual help is as close as the top of the dashboard page


  • Concierge Service offers direct protection and assistance for initial setup, when restoring files and any other assistance you need with the plugin


Easily backup your themes, all your plugins, uploaded files and your WordPress database. You can also go back to any day or hour to retrieve data you need to restore.


One downside to using VaultPress over other backup plugins is that there is a monthly fee for backups for one site and another monthly fee if you choose the security services. These services are essential especially if you are earning income from the blog or website but only you can determine if a monthly fee is affordable for you.


If backing up and restoring your WordPress blog or Website is important to you and you don’t mind a monthly fee than VaultPress is probably something you want to consider. It is a flexible, easy to use alternative to other similar plugins. The additional security features sets it apart from other WordPress backup plugins but you pay an extra monthly fee for this service.

WP Twin

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WP Twin allows for cloning or backing up data for a WordPress website in seconds. Anyone selling or using WordPress blog websites for a living would appreciate the ability to backup or clone the site. If you are creating similar WordPress sites cloning is a common answer to the problem of duplicating a site quickly and hassle-free. The ability to clone everything on your website including installed plugins, themes, pages, comments, posts and permalinks is of great benefit because it saves time especially if you are moving your site to a new host. Backups are important because if your website database becomes corrupted or gets erased and you do not have a current backup in place you stand to lose everything. WP Twin is the solution to your cloning and backup needs.


WP Twin Features


  • Works with any version of WordPress


  • Quick and easy to upload WP Twin to your site, clone your site and download the cloned file. Uploading the WP Twin clone to your file is as easy as clicking “deploy” and you are done


  • Works on Mac, PC, Ipad and Android because it is web based application


  • Internet connection is required to use WP Twin


  • Compatible with most hosts


  • Trained and dedicated support staff


  • Comes in three versions: Light, Standard and Unlimited


  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee no questions asked


Setting up your original WP site can take hours of labor and tweaking before you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site. If you desired to make another WP site just like the first one instead of going through all those hours of work all that is necessary is to install and use WP Twin and with a few clicks you have your duplicate site without the time and effort it took to build the first one.


WP Twin can backup your entire site not just the database. It will back up the internal and external files including downloadable files, images, videos, non-wordpress files and your PDFs as well as all your settings. The problem with internal backup plugins is that when hackers vandalize your site you lose access to the WordPress admin area so the internal plugin does you no good at all. WP Twin is an external script and works independently of your WordPress admin area so it is safer and more reliable than internal backup plugins.


WP Twin is the answer to your cloning and backup needs and with three packages to choose from you can find the one that is affordable and the one that fits your needs.

How To Clone WordPress

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If you've got several ideas for a website, perhaps learning how to clone WordPress sites might help you out. The ease of WordPress lets one create a fully fledged website without the hassle of handling straight website coding. If you have more than one site in mind, you might want to know how to clone WordPress blogs and websites.



Cloning a WordPress blog or website ensures two things: one, you'll have an easy and efficient way of creating several websites at a time. The second thing involves being able to use the same structure of your current WordPress enhanced website or blog without having to build another from scratch. The process of how to clone WordPress blogs and websites can involve using special WordPress plugins or other external programs made for cloning a WordPress blog or site.



The supposed hassle of how to clone WordPress sites and blogs might scare some away from committing to the process. Disconnected database to website file relations, hosting directory problems, database organization problems and a bevy of other WordPress associated issues may crop up during the cloning process. But one shouldn't be scared to clone a WordPress site or blog. Thanks to the number of programs out there, it's actually simpler than most think.



Although typical WordPress site or blog cloning usually involves multiple file editing, using FTP clients and the assistance of PHPMyAdmin, plugins like Duplicator make the process much easier. See how to migrate WordPress



Copy WordPress Blog

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For one reason or another, someone may want to copy their WordPress blog from the current standard WordPress layout to another layout that they are more comfortable with. Many people decide that after composing and keeping a blog on WordPress for a while that they might want to move it to another location online for various reasons. It  may be for easier access, a more personal URL, or a place where it can generate more traffic and income, but whatever the reason someone chooses to copy a WordPress Blog, with a simple search to find the right tool it can easily be done.

What entails copying a WordPress blog is really just moving the contents of the blog from one location online to another. Basically, changing the URL of where the blog can be found on the internet; but many may think that it can't be done and the blog must be deleted and re-started in the new location. This is not the case, as there are simple and effective blog copying plugins that work with WordPress blogs. Simply acquiring the Blog Copier plugin off of allows you to copy from a current WordPress blog to another location on the internet. This allows a much easier way to be able to copy a blog from one location to another in WordPress, since it's almost a stand-alone program on the internet, it takes it's own special development and plugins to be able to do certain customizations to a particular blog. Copying files, widgets, template settings, and other necessities are moves easily made with the Blog Copier plugin offered from With it's own supports system, FAQ's, and constant updates and development diary, the WordPress Blog Copier is an awesome tool that can be used to copy a WordPress blog to another location on the internet.

Whatever reason someone might have to want to move their prized WordPress blog from one location on the internet to another, it's really good to know that there is a painless and easy way to do so. Just simply obtaining the Blog Copier plugin from is the way to simply copy a blog to another location. There could be a lot of long searches, exhausting HTML coding, and fruitless other copycats, but they don't need to be had since there's something so simple and easy to use out there like the WordPress Blog Copier plugin available from See how to backup wordpress