Why You Should Backup Your Website

By January 23, 2019Blog
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Having a website calls for numerous responsibilities, including the need to keep it protected from online threats and hackers. In such a scenario, the concept of backing up the site comes to the rescue. Being in the business, you might be familiar with the importance of backing up the site, whether with a website backup plugin or manually.

However, unfortunately, not several of the rookies take it as seriously as they should. This is to do with the perception that reassures them that everything is going to be fine. But, what if it doesn’t go the way you’d have imagined?

There are innumerable people who consider the idea of backing up either costly or time-consuming. In reality, it’s none of them. One thing that you must remember is if something happens to your site, you can lose everything overnight if your site isn’t backed up properly.

So, here are a few reasons that should be persuasive enough to let you understand why you should backup your website without any more delay.

Server May Outage:

Undeniably, there isn’t any hosting company across the world that can assure you 100% uptime and more than perfect reliability. Even the best of their kind can face serious problems with their datacenters. And, if that happens, you may have to come across several hassles, including irregular downtime.

In the past, outages have been caused because of numerous reasons. It can be a software failure, change in the structure of the server, or even a hard drive failure. Whenever a server goes down, your company might retrieve your data successfully.

However, if you or your hosting company wasn’t backing up your site, you may have to do with the old version of your website. It can be as old as when it was newly developed. In such a situation, you’d have to work from scratch, which can be frustrating, right?

Original Version Might Become Obsolete:

Most of the times, people build their website on their computers and assume that it’s protected just because they’ve backed up the hard drive. If you also belong to the same category, you should know that your point of view is completely wrong.

With each passing week and month, your version becomes outdated. On top of that, if you’re executing search engine optimization on the site, you’ll be making a lot of changes and tweaks to the language, content, and more.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t updating the version that’s on your computer, the initial version will be removed eventually from the website. And, you’ll be left with nothing but a mere piece of fragments as to what edits you made to your site.

Mistakes can Happen Any day:

Humans and mistakes have a very close relation. You might be committing grave mistakes all your life. Don’t worry; everyone is sailing in the same boat. Sometimes, mistakes become unavoidable. What if you clicked a wrong button or deleting an important folder by accident?

The next thing that you might experience is that your entire website has crashed down, just because of that one mistake. You cannot just assume that your hosting provider might have your latest backup and you can access it seamlessly.

Most of the hosting providers offer backup as an add-on service. And, if you haven’t bought that, know that your sleepless nights and endless amount of money invested on the website can vanish just within a minute. Hence, it’s important to be on the safe side. Having a WordPress platform, you can discover various premium WordPress plugins to help you out with this problem.

Updating the Site can be a Mistake:

Sure, updating systems, websites, programs and an abundance of other features is quite important. Whether it’s related to software or hardware, updating every system is vital. And, undoubtedly, it should be done periodically.

Updating to the latest version may include enhanced features of security, safety, and more. However, whenever you update your website, you shouldn’t forget the potential risk that your site comes under. Therefore, taking a backup becomes unavoidable to prevent damage.

While you might be thinking that you’re doing good to your site by updating it to the latest version, however, the possibility is that you might not have paid enough attention towards the negative aspect. Once you’ve taken the backup, you wouldn’t have to be worried about anything.

Your Website Can Get Hacked:

Currently, WordPress has bagged the position of the most commonly used content management system. It can be proved from the fact that today, almost 27% of the websites have been developed on this platform. Also, since it’s an open-source platform, everyone can have access to the core coding.

Whenever WordPress updates its core files, available vulnerabilities become prevalent in the hackers’ community. And then, hackers inject their malware bots in such website that were not updated frequently.

If you’re using WordPress, this can become a grave issue for you.  Being a business owner, you might have a hectic schedule, it’s obvious. So, even if you don’t have enough time in your hand, you can use a website backup plugin to keep the site protected from unwanted intruders.

Computers Can Crash:

A majority of users think smart and keep local website backups on their computer hard drive. Is it really a smart move or they only think that they though smart? Let’s make it clear, by doing so, you’re calling for danger on your own.

While it is surely a good practice to keep the backup stored in your computer, however, if you’re solely relying upon it, that’s where things go awry. Even computers can crash anytime, and you can wash your hands off of your data.

Instead of just backing up your website online or keeping the backup stored in your computer, use multiple sources or platforms. You can keep the backup folder in your Google drive, in your email, or can also store it in an independent hard disk.

Malware & Viruses Can Attack:

Malware and viruses work a bit different in comparison with a website getting completely hacked. These Trojan horses, viruses, and other kinds of malware files are similar to small bugs that can infiltrate your entire system, unknowingly, to bash your website left, right and center.

Each day, more than a million pieces of malware are being created. Shocking, isn’t it? Even if nobody is putting them in your site, it’s possible that you might end up downloading on your own, without paying much attention over it.

The download can happen through any third-party application, plugin, theme, etc. Or, these viruses may even slip inside your website through a loophole. Having a backup will make sure that restoration happens as soon as something goes wrong.

Maintain Client Relationship:

Not just for your company as a whole, but backups are even important for your clients and customers. By taking up preventive measures, the chances of your website getting hacked significantly decrease. This can provide reassurance to your visitors as far as their data is concerned.

If you deal in online transactions or your target users are sharing their sensitive information with you, it becomes your responsibility to let them know about the security measures that you’re taking with your website.

It will not just keep them away from stress but will also establish your brand’s credibility across the market. Your users will be able to trust you better.

Be Smart & Backup:

Now that you know all the risks that can incur over your site without a backup, it’s time to take action. There is a variety of premium WordPress plugins that can be used to ensure utmost safety and security.

Regardless of what you think or do, the only aspect worth remembering is that a backup can open doors to several possibilities. It can make your customers trust you and can also give you the peace of mind that everything is under control.

So, instead of just lingering around and taking things for granted, start backing up your site right away.